Our work

Promoting the achievement of Africa’s Renaissance.

Our work

Thabo Mbeki Foundation

The Thabo Mbeki Foundation aims to support efforts aimed at promoting the achievement of Africa’s Renaissance. We believe that Africa’s Renaissance is both a necessity and a possibility, and that it can only be realised through the collective agency and leadership of Africans. Our work is guided by the vision, values and principles of our patron, former President Thabo Mbeki, who has dedicated his life to the liberation and development of Africa and its people.

Our approach

Our strategic approach is based on the intersection of thinking and action.

We seek to generate and disseminate knowledge that can inform and inspire African leaders and citizens to address the challenges and opportunities facing the continent. We also seek to facilitate dialogue and engagement among various stakeholders, including governments, civil society, academia, media, business and the diaspora, to foster collaboration and consensus on the strategic priorities and actions for Africa’s Renaissance.

We believe that thinking and action are mutually reinforcing, and that both are essential for achieving our vision. The Thabo Mbeki Foundation’s strategic approach is guided by the vision of an African Renaissance, which entails the political, economic, social and cultural renewal of Africa and its people.

Our work

Flagship Programmes

The Thabo Mbeki Foundation’s flagship programmes are designed to implement its strategic approach in specific areas of focus. The current flagship programmes are:

Our work

Other Projects

In addition to its flagship programmes and events, the Thabo Mbeki Foundation also undertakes other projects that are aligned with its vision, mission and objectives. The Projects are designed to complement its flagship programmes and events.Some of these projects are:

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