The Thabo Mbeki Foundation remains dedicated to the achievement of the African Renaissance. We have established programmes which work to support the renewal of Africa.

Strategic Approach

The Thabo Mbeki Foundation has four particular ways in which it achieves its impact:

The Patron’s Support to the African Union through chairing AU High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows and is the Head of the African Union High Level Implementation Panel
The Foundation’s Direct Intervention through the Patron’s speaking engagements and as Political Advisory on various bodies
Networks that the Foundation collaborates with all over the world to ensure maximum impact
Partnerships with institutions of Higher Learning that share our vision, such as the University of South Africa and the University of Witwatersrand



Education still provides an indisputable link between access to economic growth and social development. At the very least, a quality education is a ticket out of poverty and an opportunity to enter the labour market. For the 21st century African child, the education requirement is more than basic primary skills.


Agriculture is the main source of income for a significant part of Africa’s population. Part of ending poverty, ensuring food security and facilitating shared economic growth between African countries requires significant focus on agricultural development.


Peace is not just the absence of violence, but it is also the presence of social solidarity.  fallen on the shoulders of the newly liberated South Africa to try and intervene in the wars that cause instability on the continent and to try to bring about peace.