Promoting Peace


Many postcolonial African states have experienced violent conflicts and although Africa’s protracted wars have ended over the past decade, many countries are still affected by the ruins and peace remains fragile on the Continent. Conflict on the African continent is complex, with the intersection of many factors such as the desire for power and resource control from external states, ethnic conflict, genocide, xenophobia, and corruption. These factors seriously hinder the economic and social development of the Continent and the Thabo Mbeki Foundation recognizes the dire need for viable and sustainable approaches to conflict resolution and peacebuilding in our continent.

Our Approach

The Thabo Mbeki Foundation aims to contribute to peacebuilding through interventions when requested to attend to such challenges of peace, security and stability on the African Continent and to continue building relations of friendship and peaceful cooperation among the peoples of Africa.

Our Current Initiatives

Concerned Africans Forum

The Concerned Africans Forum (CAF) was established in 2011, out of the necessity to raise awareness and sharpen the debate around the growing tendency of regime change and the abuse of the UN Security Council by the major powers. CAF calls for alternative and progressive African voices which can offer different interpretations and readings of the fast unfolding events and processes on the world stage.